Improving The Online Insurance Quoting Process Benefits Your Customers; The Value Of A Smooth, Quick And Easy Online Insurance Quote


The customer experience impacts all areas of sales and business. No matter what you do or sell, the interactions and experiences that a customer has throughout their customer journey influences if they chose to purchase a product or service.

While customer experience has always been the most important aspect of a customer journey, in the last 10 years the adoption of technology and digital platforms has changed the way we create that experience.

Many industries were disrupted and had to adapt due to these new technologies and the way insurance products are bought and sold was no exception. Many insurance companies have now ventured towards filling in the digital void within their sector. Shifting to a digital process is now vital at every step of the customer experience in 2020.



However, it is even more important in an industry like insurance. Because consumer trust is vital for the purchase of a product, as personal as insurance. It is imperative that online insurance quotes are not performed on outdated platforms that could deter the potential trust within a consumer.

Online quoting platforms were a huge step of digitisation within the insurance industry. However, having an up-to-date, clean and easy online quoting experience is the key to using this technology to the advantage of your company.

According to Google, landing page experience is one of the most important aspects to a potential customer. If your landing page is difficult to navigate or isn’t clear, it can deter your business from making conversions such as sales or sign-ups. So, insurers who improve their online insurance quoting processes can benefit by receiving a higher rate of conversions from the consumers who visit their landing page.

The value of a smooth, quick and easy online experience is that it is more likely to lead to a sale. As an insurer, becoming digitally agile can ensure you meet the consumers’ needs at just the right points along the customer journey.



Improving the online insurance quoting process is great in terms of convenience, speed and accuracy for both parties. While the customers get all the information that they need to make an informed decision in an easy and efficient way, it is also great for the insurer as this is likely to instil trust of your services within consumers.

Another positive gain from a great online insurance quoting platform is the positive financial aspect for the insurer. If your quotes can be gained digitally then it saves time and labour costs within your business, compared to if your employees need to manually complete quotes. It also means that the customers can access the information faster and no one or their quotes will fall through the cracks due to human error. This helps you to differentiate yourself from other competitors and make your experience superior to other insurance carriers.

The future of insurance is digital, and it is likely that eventually most insurance carrier’s ecosystems will become fully integrated and digitised, to fulfil consumer needs.

Insurance companies such as Aspect Underwriting know the importance of an excellent online quoting platform that will not only improve their businesses but improve the online experience of their customers.

Mike Wallis

Mike has over 25 years experience, having spent his first seven years working as a Broker at Jardine Lloyd Thomson in Melbourne and in 2002 was transferred to JLT’s Accident and Health Department in London. For four years (2002 – 2005) Mike was a specialist A&H Lloyd’s Broker and during this time developed excellent relationships with the Lloyd’s A&H underwriting fraternity. In 2006 he returned to Australia in a senior broking position with overall responsibility for Placement Strategy, including the implementation of underwriting facilities and the various authorities granted by Lloyd’s. Mike was the underwriter at two specialist Underwriting Agencies prior to founding Aspect Underwriting in 2016.