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Aspect is a specialist insurance intermediary that offers a wide range of services to individuals, businesses and insurance brokers. With over 40 years of collective experience in the industry, our team offers customised insurance underwriting, broking and consulting services.

Aspect Underwriting has the capabilities and resources to offer market-leading Accident & Health products to meet the personal and business needs of your clients. Driven by the personalised services of our passionate team of underwriters and backed by the reputational and financial security of Lloyd’s, we are well placed to access tailored and well-priced insurance solutions from a diverse, progressive and innovative market.

Aspect Broking is a specialist insurance broker that works in both the Australian and international insurance markets. Our extensive relationship with national and international insurance providers leverages our ability to negotiate high value business insurance packages that are cost-effective and suitable to your business needs.

Aspect Consulting prides itself on building close relationships with brokers and businesses by offering specialist consultations. We offer Australian insurance brokers and intermediaries’ advice on and access to the specialist London Market for risks that might be difficult to place in the Australian market and in the specialised area of Accident & Health. For businesses, seeking to optimise their risk transfer programme we offer advice and consultation on generic insurance cover.

Aspect Underwriting is a Corporate Authorised Representative (CAR Number 1247437) of McLardy McShane Partners Insurance Services Pty Ltd (AFSL Number 232987)

Our Products

As experts in the area of Accident & Health insurance, Aspect Underwriting prides itself in its ability to offer clients the ability to build and purchase customised cover completely online. Our intelligent and intuitive cover builder provides you with the ability to build personalised quotes for Income Protection, Accidental Death, Trauma or Critical Illness and Total and Permanent Disability cover for free.

With Aspects intelligent cover builder, you can get any of the standalone covers or a combined A&H cover and purchase it online, without ever meeting or calling us. It takes only a few hours to get a quote and purchase it to shield your family during the hard times. Get started now.

Income Protection Cover

Aspect Underwriting provides one of the best income protection insurance online. From a quote to fully covered in under 10 minutes, no phone calls required. We can cover up to 85% of your income and offer the highest levels of cover in the market. We offer savings bundles when you purchase income protection insurance with another insurance product.

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Total & Permanent
Disability Cover

Aspect’s TPD online cover pays you a lump sum amount if you suffer from a severe illness or injury that restricts you from working permanently. Available for most occupations, Aspect offers the ability to choose from a standard TPD, other TPD or a combination up to 10 times your income value (up to $7,500,000).

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Trauma Insurance

Critical Illness (Trauma) Insurance provides you with a lump sum payment if you suffer a serious medical condition like a heart attack, stroke or cancer. A trauma benefit is typically used to pay off immediate medical bills, rehab expenses, replace income and assist with your ongoing costs, protecting you against future debts and time away from work.

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Accidental Death Cover

Accidental Death Insurance is an easy and low-cost alternative to Life Insurance (death by any cause), or a good way to supplement an existing life benefit. Accidental death cover will pay your estate a benefit amount upon your death as a result of an accident/injury. It differs from life insurance as you will not be paid a benefit if an illness is the cause of your death. Accidental death cover is significantly cheaper than life insurance because it only covers injury. Generally, the sum insured would be $100,000 to $1,000,000, depending on your circumstances.

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Our Services

Aspect is committed to delivering the highest level of service possible to you and your clients, at all times. We pride ourselves in initially meeting the product needs of your clients, which is then backed up by a level of service that enhances their experience. Referrals are the cornerstone of our business and are only achievable in a competitive marketplace by meeting and then exceeding your expectations.

Combined A&H Cover

An unfortunate accident or illness can bring emotional and financial distress to your family. While there is nothing you can do to save your family from emotional distress, you can definitely plan in advance to cover your family’s financially distress if an unfortunate event occurs. Aspect’s combined Accident & Health cover provides comprehensive cover for you and your family in the event of an accident or illness. Your family can get help in different forms depending on your cover including a certain percentage of your income paid, treatment and rehabilitation costs paid for in case of critical illness or a lump sum amount to your estate in the case of your accidental death, plus many more. Get started now and secure the financial future of your family within hours.

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